The Ergoline MCS VI token box is an all-in token-box package providing all of the functions that are required in modern salon management.

In addition to information on client numbers, takings from chip cards and cash payments on the day, it is also possible to retrieve data for a longer period (e.g. weeks, months, years).
You are also kept constantly up to date on important operating data, such as hours of operation left until the next lamp change. MCS VI features an interface that allows you to print out a host of data on a printer.
All MCS VI functions can be set exactly as you require using the Ergoline mastercard. Salon staff can also be provided with their own cards giving them restricted access rights. Payment can be made by inserting coins or without cash using the chip card. And when the balance on the chip card has been used up, it is simply topped up again at the unit. With coins by the client, with the salon card or mastercard by staff.
Ergoline MCS VI is big on security. The sturdy metal housing affords reliable protection from burglary. The double lock system with separate access to the cash drawer and internal components additionally contributes to general safety and security. The latest provisions in European Standard EN 60335-2-27/A11 demand that sunbeds switch off automatically if the timer switch fails. This double safeguard is guaranteed on MCS VI by two separate controllers.