The Ergoline Studio Pilot is the latest central control system from Ergoline, leaving all the options open for future extension. No matter whether you need to manage three or twenty sunbeds, want one or several monitors to inform you on current cubicle occupancy or wish to run your salon by computer now or at any time in the future.

Completely autonomous, the Studio Pilot is capable of controlling up to 20 sunbeds. Even in its basic configuration, it is possible to program separate discounts or Happy Hour times for promotional offers on each individual sunbed. Payment can be made by coins as well as a chip card.

But that's not all: business management data, such as sales statistics, work or turnover data can, if required, be broken down on the Studio Pilot's display into day-based and overall data. This information can then be printed out by connecting an optional matrix printer.

And the Ergoline Studio Pilot also has plenty to offer when it comes to safety and security. The master card can be used to program as many as 10 salon cards with access authorisation for individual members of staff. The double locking system with separate access to the cash collection drawer and internal components is an additional contribution to general salon security. Two separate controllers furthermore guarantee the double shutdown safeguard, bringing the Studio Pilot into line with the latest provisions of the relevant European standard. The multi-master bus system ensures hitch-free operation and perfect communication between individual components. This system can also be used for operating several Studio Pilots. A continuous exchange of all data then takes place between the Studio Pilots installed in the salon. Unlike many other systems, therefore, this means that salon business can go as normal even in the event that one of the Pilots should break down.