Despite the constant endeavours to prove otherwise: regular users of good-quality sunbeds not only get an attractive tan, their health benefits too. This has since been proven in numerous scientific studies. The latest example is the investigation carried out by naturopath and kidney specialist, Dr. Rolfdieter Krause, from the Benjamin Franklin University Clinic in Berlin.

Dr. Krause proceeded from an intra-European comparison which shows that blood pressure is higher the further north a person lives. Conversely, in Southern Europe, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, blood vessel disorders and sudden heart deaths is significantly lower than in the North. Once explanation for this is the greater intensity of sunlight in the Mediterranean region. Dr. Krause has also proven that the artificial sunlight from sunbeds has this positive effect too.

For this purpose, young healthy people as well as non-athletic members from a cardio-sports group went on sunbeds over a period of ten weeks. The results speak for themselves: the positive effect of artificial sunlight was clearly measurable in both groups. The test persons' blood pressures remained lower for as much as a year.

However, the influence on blood pressure is just one of the many and varied biopositive effects that UV light has on the human organism. Scientific studies also offer proof of the following effects:

  • The blood flows more easily. Blood pressure falls and the risk of heart attack declines.
  • The cholesterol level drops.
  • Break-down products of vitamin D help to prevent breast and colonic cancer.
  • UV light stimulates the production of specific immune cells that fight bacteria and viruses in the body. It is also used successfully to combat skin disorders.
  • UV rays improve performance and fitness. The resting pulse rate and pulse rate after exercise fall.