Successful start for Ergoline Excellence and Evolution at Düsseldorf Airport.

All 450 Ergoline partners entering the former LTU check-in building at Düsseldorf Airport on 10 January had a valid ticket in their pockets. But none of them knew for sure where their journey would be taking them. The event slogan "Take off to success" did give a few clues though.

To make sure that all the guests checked in on time, Ergoline had chartered several shuttle buses. Anybody coming by car was able to use the valet parking service. The authentic atmosphere in the check-in building as well as the "tourists" and "ground personnel" hired by Ergoline were to get the Ergoline dealers in the right mood for their trip. Before take-off, they were also welcomed on board in true style by Captain Bernhard Wolff and his crew.

Then the actual stars of the evening came out onto the runway. Disguised as large pieces of luggage, the innovative sunbeds were uncovered and presented to the gathering of excited onlookers. Bernhard Wolff, with Ergoline Sales Director Dieter Roggendorf as co-presenter, skilfully explained the features of the new EXCELLENCE and EVOLUTION professional sunbed series in a particularly entertaining manner:

Balanced Tan

The new Balanced Tan technology from Ergoline makes the desire for a deep and even all-over tan come true. Using cutting-edge computer simulations, the UV geometry of the Evolution and Excellence series is perfectly tailored to the human body. Clients notice the more even intensity from the facial tanners. And can count on fantastic tanning results.

Aqua Fresh & Aroma

The new Aqua Fresh and Aroma functions from Ergoline add a refreshingly new dimension to tanning enjoyment. Aqua Fresh sprays a finely atomised fragrance from outlets in the head and body zone, giving the skin a discreetly refreshing shower. And, as a world first in the Ergoline range, neutralises any post tanning UV odour. Aqua Fresh can also be combined with a vitalising or relaxing aroma programme, making tanning in the Evolution and Excellence a truly sensuous experience.

Vibra Sound

Most of them featuring Vibra Sound as standard, the new Evolution and Excellence models from Ergoline now also pamper users with a whole new realm of audio perfection. Used in sunbeds for the first time, the innovative sound technology from audio specialists ELAC uses the acrylic surface of the shoulder tanner as a diaphragm for generating sound waves from vibration. And to complement tonal quality, two bass speakers are additionally integrated in the shoulder tanner. This gives the sunbed user a full and smooth sound experience.


Anybody preferring individuality while tanning will quickly warm to the Climatronic function, a standard feature in the Excellence models from Ergoline. Clients can adjust the temperature range of the conditioned air to suit their very own personal preference. Whether refreshingly cool or pleasantly warm: the automatic air conditioning system keeps the temperature shown on the LED display constant throughout the tanning session and, together with the familiar efficient ventilation system, guarantees a tanning experience of unparalleled luxury.

Infrared Function

All Ergoline sunbeds from the new Evolution and Excellence series feature an infrared interface as standard. This makes light work of retrieving and setting service or operating parameters: Palm handhelds and special software gives salon operators infrared access to all of the main sunbed data. From the useful service life remaining for UV lamps to the length of time the effect lighting stays on for, making Ergoline sunbeds that bit easier to work with in everyday salon routine.

And as only proper after a smooth landing, the Ergoline passengers then rewarded the successful presentation of the new professional sunbeds with an enthusiastic round of applause.

Needless to say, passengers were also provided with food and drink, served by a team of "flight attendants". A perfectly styled frequent traveller lounge looking out onto the runway of the Rhine-Ruhr Airport offered just the right atmosphere after the presentation for lively discussions on the new sunbeds. Great live music and first-class drinks meant that it was the early hours of the morning before the shuttle service took the last guests back to their hotel.

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